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The COMPILIBRE software allows to list documents and software, then to distribute them on USB keys or DVDs.
COMPILIBRE is a free software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Download :       COMPILIBRE       Installation manual       User manual

Participate in the development of COMPILIBRE

You can report  a dysfunction, propose a modification or a new feature, improve the software, the graphics, the translations, the documentations or the website. Contact : david.vantyghem@free.fr

Download :       Source code       Manual of creation of COMPILIBRE

A compilation of free software for Windows

Clé USB It was made with COMPILIBRE. Download it, open the downloaded file with PeaZip and extract its contents to your computer. Burn this content on a DVD with cdrtfe or copy it to a USB flash drive. Start the file named « Click here to start COMPILIBRE.BAT ».